Location: Santa Monica Beach, just north of the pier
When: November 11-12, 2017
Format: 4v4 equal gender mixed frisbee
Roster Cap: 6 men, 6 women
Bid fee: $600

What’s provided? Every field will be lined and have score boards, there will be a Saturday showcase game and social event, frisbee central will have tourney breakfast foods and plenty of water, we will be filming at least the Pro Semi game and Pro Final (last year, we filmed 9 games. We’ll be trying to add more). On top of all that, winning team goes home with $1200 in cash.

We’re also partnering with SCYU to run a youth clinic and hat tournament. So bring your kids!

The US Beach Open will be highlighting Gender Equity and Spirit. We believe that these two principals are fundamental to the future of our sport. We will be encouraging spirit circles after games, will be following the official WFDF & BULA Spirit of the Game scoring system, and will be awarding a spirit champion at halftime of the pro finals.

Base rule set: BULA 4v4
Rule Modifications:

  • Coming soon! Ideas on the table include:
  • 2 points are scored by a cross gender end zone to end zone throw
  • Alternate Field dimensions
  • Matches instead of games (think shorter ‘sets’, have to win 2 out of 3 to win match)
  • Half field bricks for any disc landing out of bounds
  • Hockey Style Subs (just kidding, we’re not that experimental)