Just another beach tournament?

Definitely not. The US Beach Open is a high-level 4v4 mixed gender tournament that seeks to promote and be a proving ground for true gender equity on the ultimate field. As the International Olympic Committee & LA2028 prepare to add exhibition sports over the next few years, let's give them a fantastic display of talent on one of the world's most stunning beaches.
In addition, 2019 will be the first year that the USBO will be enveloped by the world's most exciting youth and college beach tournament. This shift in schedule and philosophy makes the USBO & the Beach of Dreams an incredible event where players can be inspired, cheer on old teammates, and even play with their idols in a showcase game on Sunday.
And with this kind of epic event, it's only fitting that we live stream all of these games so the rest of the country, friends, and family can tune in to watch and be inspired by all of the excitement! The USBO & Beach of Dreams will truly be a one of a kind event that brings together these three divisions for the very first time on beach.

Event Organizers

Grant Boyd
Grant Boyd
California Ultimate & SCYU - Executive Director
Don Macatangay
Don Macatangay
SCYU - President

Our goal is to provide a premium tournament experience to elite beach players from across the country and around the world:

A world class beach.
A USAU and BULA sanctioned event.
An equal playing field for all.

And certainly a strong vision for the future: